GED Social Studies

Additional Information

The Social Studies test is 70 minutes long. There are approximately 45 questions on the test.  Half of the test focuses on civics and government. So, get ready to brush up on your knowledge of local, state, and federal government as well as the duties of citizens. The rest of the test will measure knowledge of: U.S history, geography, economics, and some aspects of world history.



Ms. Jones's Biography

Meet Armisha Jones, a great Social Studies teacher here at Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School.  Ms. Jones is passionate about education and is always focused on learning something new. After honorably discharging from the military, Ms. Jones decided to pursue a degree in Education at Columbia International University but ultimately graduated from Columbia College where she earned a Master’s degree as well.  Ms. Jones believes that every child can learn, and it is the success of every one of her students that makes her job rewarding. She believes one should never stop learning. Ms. Jones has in the past served as a department head, Teacher of the Month, as well as Teacher of the Year during her teaching career. Ms. Jones is from Cleveland, Ohio and is the mother of three exceptional children and two large dogs.  Aside from teaching school, Ms. Jones’s interests include: traveling, photography, writing, cooking, acting, singing, and exercising. 


Mrs. Mitchum's Biography


Kay Mitchum has 21 years of experience working in education. She obtained her Master’s degree in Divergent Learning and Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education Biology from Columbia College.  She taught eighth grade science for 19 years in Lexington School District Two before coming to Wil Lou Gray.  As a matter of fact, Mrs. Mitchum's mother taught at Wil Lou Gray for 28 years before she retired in 1995.  Wil Lou Gray has always held a special place in Mrs. Mitchum's heart.