GED English

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This Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA) test measures both reading and written skills. Students will be tested on their ability to read carefully, write clearly, and understand/use standard English grammar. Students will see and be tested on multiple reading passages on this test. Basically, 75% of these passages are nonfiction. The other 25% will be fiction. There are no poetry or dramatic selections. RLA written competence will be measured in one extended response question. Meanwhile, various question formats will test student understanding of standard English grammar. Students will have 150 Minutes to complete the test, which will include approximately 51 questions (mostly multiple choice).



Mr. Jamison's Biography


I am Max Jamison, an English teacher here at Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School.  I have been teaching English at Wil Lou Gray since 2007, and I truly enjoy what I do.  Of the main things I enjoy most about my job are watching our young men and women: mature, work diligently, and realize academic success over the course of an academic cycle.  It seems trite to say, but, from a personal standpoint, I am thoroughly fulfilled when students thank me and other teachers once they receive their GEDs.  There is no question that it is a true test and statement of a young person's character and determination when he/she achieves his/her GED here at Wil Lou Gray.  During the course of each cycle, I thoroughly enjoy establishing positive relationships with our students, which is so important in enhancing student engagement.  I make it a point to provide a positive environment in my classroom for each student to feel comfortable in striving to succeed.  Because of our smaller class sizes, I am really able to individualize learning for our students.  In my classroom, you can be assured that: 1) there are no days off, 2) lessons are tailored to reflect the material on the GED, and 3) I will ENCOURAGE students to work to their best abilities.  Wil Lou Gray has been, by far, my favorite teaching experience.  This is my 21st year of teaching in South Carolina.  I earned a B.A. in Journalism at the University of Pittsburgh and received my Master's degree at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP).  Prior to working here at Wil Lou Gray, I have served as an English teacher, newspaper and yearbook advisor, and wrestling coach for Lakewood High School, Swansea High School, and Pelion High School.  I am also a tremendous sports fan and love to golf here in SC.  Also, in my spare time, I really enjoy cooking and gardening.  In particular, I grow hot peppers in my garden -- REALLY hot peppers.  This year I'm proudly growing Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpions, and ghost peppers to name a few.  


Mr. Eskridge's Biography


BA in English Literature and Language, USC 1986

MAT in Secondary English Education, USC 1987

Married to Jennifer Eskridge, 1992 to present

5 children, 4 grandchildren

Hobbies include playing guitar, spending time in the country, and working on various home improvement projects.

I enjoy the challenge and reward of teaching WLGOS students. The challenge is getting them to realize they have potential, and the reward is watching them realize their potential.